Halong Bay listed among top 10 fishing spots around the world

Linh Truong Last update: Dec 09, 2019

As fishing offers holiday fun and local insight, finding an ideal place for fishing plays a very important role to get the fun. Recently, the Lonely Planet – a well-known travel website, has announced the list of top 10 fishing spots around the world and it is a great honor for Vietnam to has its Halong Bay in the list. Do you want to visit this spot, please well prepare all things including visa to Vietnam for your trip.

Squid fishing in Halong Bay - Online Vietnam visa service

According to the website, a night on Halong Bay will change the conception that the word ‘squid’ mightn’t conjure up the warm-and-fuzzies. woerThe website advised tourists to spend a night fishing squid in Ha Long Bay. A night on Halong bay is a very special experience for tourists to see the beauty of the bay’s jade-green waters on moonless evenings and fishing for the slippery little cephalopods that go into the region’s best-known specialty: squid sausages.

With only a bamboo rod, a catch net and a lamp to attract the squid to the surface, anyone can hook themselves an impressive 30-plus squid in just a couple of hours. The stillness of the bay dotted by the dreamy reflection of the lamps makes for a contemplative, romantic evening, Lonely Planet said.

Squid season in Ha Long begins in April and runs through until January: the biggest squid are caught between October and November.

Also on the list of top 10 fishing spots around the world are Kola Penninsula (Russia), Cairns (Australia), South America, Eg-Uur river (Mongolia), Amazon river (Brazil), Osstduinkerke (Belgium), Congo river basin, Brainerd (USA) and Rio Grande (Tierra del Fuego).

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