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How to identify a reliable Vietnam visa center

Last update: Aug 08, 2019

Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) has long been popular among both tourists and business travelers to Vietnam thanks to its convenience, simplicity in application and time saving as well.

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In the market today, there are plenty of centers offering VOA service. So, the issue is how to identify a reliable one to trust our money. Here, in this short article, we recommend you 5 criteria to test a Vietnam visa center.

1. Identify how long they have been operated in VOA service market

Identify experience of the Vietnam visa on arrival service provider

Identify experience of the VOA service provider

Experience plays a very important role in every aspect. It comes through experiments or doing things practically. And it also comes from how you settle the issues you face during your path.

Experience become extraordinarily significant for a Vietnam visa center as they work with clients from long distance in different countries around the world with different urgent situations. The longer the experience is, the better the center performs, for sure.

So, the first criteria to identify a reliable Vietnam visa center is to identify how long they have been established and operated in the market.

2. Test whether their hotline works 24/7

Test whether their hotline works 24/7 - Vietnam visa online

Test whether their hotline works 24/7

Almost service centers, including Vietnam visa service centers, have their own hotline to support clients. A lot of them publish that their hotline works 24 hours during 7 days per week. But is it true? Does it really work 24/7 to support you immediately when  you are in urgent need?

Make a test! Try calling them at night (their local time, Vietnam Time = GMT+7) and you will know the answer.  Of course, you should try twice or three times to make sure the hotline holder has time to wake up at night.

3. Read reviews of their clients

Read reviews of their clients - Vietnam visa

Read reviews of their clients

Clients’ reviews are really a great source for your trust. What clients talks about the centers always serves as the best evidence for quality of their services.

Try to find out the reviews of the Vietnam visa center you intend to use before entrusting  your money on them.

4. Check whether they have a clear address

Check whether they have a clear address - Vietnam visa online

Check whether they have a clear address

Remember to always apply for your Vietnam visa online with a center with clear address. Otherwise, you cannot claim them on any media if you have problem with them without being settled by them.

Where to find their address: Check header, footer or the about/contact us sections in their website for their address.

Remember: Do not choose any agent having no clear address.s

5. Check whether delivery of visa approval letter is guaranteed with an exact time or just a planned time

Check for their guarantee policy - Vietnam visa online

Check for their guarantee policy

As you may know, after googling Vietnam visa, the results will display numerous addresses for you to choose.

You may access to some, read their terms of use to know whether their processing time is clearly published, whether they commit to delivering the Vietnam visa approval letter to you at a certain time, and if not, what is expected to be provided to you as compensation by them. In case you do not wish to read the long terms of use, just make a call to them, inquire about their policies regarding service such as delivery times, guarantees, etc. They don’t have any policies? Do not choose.

These are 5 basic criteria to identify a trustworthy Vietnam visa service center on which you should entrust your money for a visa to Vietnam.

Do you think of any website that fully meets those criteria? Let us show you one – Vietnam-visa.com. It is operated by Vietnam Discovery Travel JSC which is based in Hanoi since 2007. As reported in September 2018, it has been trusted by over 300,000 groups of clients from over 210 countries around the world who need a visa for their leisure or business trip to Vietnam. Refer to https://www.vietnam-visa.com/why-trusting-vietnam-visa-com-for-your-visa-on-arrival/ for details why you should trust in it.

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