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How to save cost in applying Vietnam visa

Last update: Apr 20, 2021

Applying for Vietnam visa is the first and very important step to prepare for your trip to Vietnam. Almost every one considers cost of getting a Vietnam visa a small amount in their trip. But saving money right from the early start may be an interest. Why don’t you save your money when you can?

Determine the best way to apply for Vietnam visa to save your Vietnam visa cost

The first way is to consider between applying a visa via a Vietnam Embassy and applying Vietnam visa online. To apply a visa via embassy, you must visit a Vietnam embassy in the home country and submit required documents to get a visa within 4-5 days. The cost of getting visa this way is about US$100 plus cost of traveling and others.

But with applying visa on arrival, you have to pay only about USD 20 – 30 plus a stamping fee of US$45 for single entry visa and US$65 for 1 month multiple entry visa and US$95 for 3-month multiple entry Vietnam visa without any hidden charge. Not saving your money, this is also a way to save your time.

► In case this way is new to you, you can see how it works here: https://www.vietnam-visa.com/how-vietnam-visa-on-arrival-works/.

► If you have already known it, click here to apply.

Define good arrival date to save your Vietnam visa cost

The second way to save your money on Vietnam visa is to define the exact arrival date to fill in your application form. You should remember that a Vietnam visa starts and end on fixed dates as specified in your application. If you enter two weeks late, your one month visa will have two weeks left only and you will have to renew it to stay longer in Vietnam. And of course, it requires an expense on visa renewal.

Define exact type of visa to apply to save your Vietnam visa cost

Another way is to define which type of visa you want: single or multiple entry visa. Because if you have already applied for a single entry visa, and now you want to re-enter Vietnam within 1 or 3 months after existing once, you must apply for another new Vietnam visa. So why don’t you apply for a multiple entry visa to save your both time and money.


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