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Romantic Destinations in Vietnam

Last update: Apr 20, 2021


Dalat which sits at an latitude of 1,5099 meters above the sea level in Central Highlands of Vietnam is undoubtedly a beautiful tourist town. Not only known as “The City of Eternal Spring”, Dalat also lays claim to the title of “Le Petit Paris”, becoming a destination of choice for honeymooners.


Dalat peach

Visiting Dalat, one can feel romance coming right from the air at the city’s various flower gardens, including an amazing orchid garden where visitors can see rare blue orchids, at the town’s colorful central market, overflowing with fresh- cut flowers and an incredible variety of fruits and vegetables.Romance also comes from real lively sketches of marriage life in which smiling young couples drift across Xuan Huong Lakein paddle boats shaped like giant swans, while brides in flowing white dresses clamber aboard ponies and pose for photos. No matter where you visit, romance is in the air. A popular saying has that “If you are in love, a week in Dalat – a rhythmic land of flowers and romance- will make your love turn into a happy ending!” All these things help Dalat to become one of the most beautiful and romantic places for couples and honeymoon trip in Vietnam.

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Nha Trang

Referred to as a deck of sunshine with long white sandy beaches running along lines of coconut trees, Nha Trang Vietnam has long been a romantic destination in Vietnam for many couples. Here holds a lot of exciting engagements, weddings and anniversaries alike every year.


Nha Trang

Not only noted for beautiful beaches tracing an impressive long swoop along a bay dotted with islands, Nha Trang is also well-known for its own charm. Coming to this city, almost every one can easily find the special feature in its personality which is split into two distinct statuses. One takes the form of a smaller Danang – a bustling Vietnamese city humming with commerce but blessed with access to a beautiful beach. The other is a Western resort town encompassing several blocks of hotels, tourist shops, bars and international restaurants. Nha Trang is blessed with many tourist attractions including Tran Phu Beach, Van Phong Bay, Cam Ranh Bay, Vinpearl complex and Nha Trang Bay. Being recognized as one of 29 most beautiful bays in the world, Nha Trang Bay consists of 19 islands including Mieu Island, Mun Island, Tam Island, Tre Island, Yen Island. Lie on the sand, diving under the blue water, swimming on the vast sea, or whatever else, just let Nha Trang make your honeymoon unforgettable in your life.

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Phu Quoc Island

It is rare to find an island as unspoilt but so bursting with possibility as Phu Quoc which looks like an emerald rising from the vast waters off the south-west coast of Vietnam. Endowed with splendid natural beauty and white sandy beach which is pristine as love of couples, Phu Quoc is now a dream location for a honeymoon. Couples visiting this beautiful island not only have chance to wallow in the wonderful nature but also have chance to enjoy the utmost peace and privacy.


Phu Quoc

Just gently set your bare foot on the white sand saturated with morning dew, have fun with waves, enjoy delicious romantic dinner and drinks at one of the local restaurants and enjoy accommodation at variety of hotels and resorts overlooking the ocean, feel the taste of the sea, and so on, all these romantic settings are for lovers.

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