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Vietnam Transit Visa – Do you need a visa for transit in Vietnam?

Last update: Apr 20, 2021

If you have connecting flights and your stopover is Vietnam, then you’re probably wondering whether you need a Vietnam transit visa or not. However, there is no exact answer or confirmation for all cases as whether you need a visa for your transit in Vietnam depends on your certain situation.

In this post, we will explain when you need a transit visa for Vietnam, and if yes, how to get the visa for your transit in Vietnam.

Vietnam transit visa

Vietnam transit visa – All you need to know

Vietnam Transit Visa Requirements

This section will answer your question “Do I need a transit visa for Vietnam?”

As regulated by the Law No. 47/2014/QH13 which took effect on January 1, 2015 on foreigners’ entry into, exit from, transit through and residence in Vietnam, those fully meeting the following conditions can do a transit in Vietnam:

  • Having a passport with at least 06 months of validity;
  • Having a ticket suitable to his/her trip to the third country;
  • Having the third country’s visa, except those who are exempted from visas.

And except for those eligible for visa exemptions mentioned here, foreigners can transit in Vietnam without a visa if both following conditions are met:

  • their layover in Vietnam is less than 24 hours, AND
  • they stay within the transit areas during their layover.

Notes: the transit areas are decided by the agencies competent to manage the international border gates. It is the transit area at the international airports if you are traveling by air and at the international seaports where your ships are anchoring if you are on a cruise.

Otherwise, in case your layover in Vietnam is more than 24 hours and/or you are leaving the transit area for taking luggage for the next flight or a short sightseeing tour in the city you are transiting, you NEED to obtain a visa.

So, obviously, in order to know your transit visa requirements for Vietnam, you should check with your airlines to know whether you need to leave the transit area to take your luggage at the transit airport or not, or JUST LET US KNOW YOUR NATIONALITY AND FLIGHT NUMBER, we will check for you.

How to Get a Transit Visa for Vietnam

As mentioned above, you will NEED a transit visa for Vietnam in the event

  • you are not eligible for visa exemption AND
  • you will be transiting in Vietnam for more than 24 hours OR your luggage is not gone through to your final destination and you need to leave the transit area for taking your luggage and check-in for your next flight.

Fortunately, you may have up to 03 ways to get a Vietnam transit visa.

1. Getting an embassy visa for Vietnam transit

It means that you will get a visa issued by the Vietnam embassy before departure for Vietnam. If you choose to get your visa this way, you need to contact the Vietnam embassy in your country and follow the required procedures applied by such embassy.

You can find contact details of Vietnam embassies/consulates worldwide as well as their visa application procedures here.

2. Getting Vietnam transit evisa

Getting an evisa for a transit in Vietnam is quite easy and straightforward. You only need to complete an online form, upload your photo and passport page, and then pay the visa fee and wait for around 3 business days to know whether your e-visa application is accepted or not.

However, make sure that you are citizens of 81 countries eligible for the Vietnam electronic visa.

Just access to https://www.vietnam-visa.com/vietnam-e-visa/ to know every detail about this type of visa for Vietnam and how to get it.

3. Getting Vietnam transit visa on arrival

This way of getting visa for Vietnam transit is also so easy and suitable for all travelers transiting in Vietnam by air.

With visa on arrival, the travelers also only need to complete an online form, and then get visa approval letter via email within a certain period of time and then get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport for transit.

Vietnam Transit Visa Cost

The visa fees for Vietnam transit may vary depending on the way you get your transit visa. It would be US $25 for an evisa, US $25 plus the visa approval letter fee for visa on arrival and flexible for the embassy visa depending on the embassy/consulate of Vietnam.

You can visit Vietnam visa on arrival fees and calculate exactly how much you need to pay if obtaining a Vietnam transit visa on arrival at the airport.

Disclaimers: While we put an effort to ensure that the provided information is correct and up-to-date, there are probably changes which we are unaware of.

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