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7 Vietnam eVisa common mistakes and how to avoid

Last update: Mar 14, 2024

Vietnam eVisa (fully known as Vietnam electronic visa) is the kind of visa preferred by almost all travelers to Vietnam thanks to its convenience, cost-saving, and long validity of up to 90 days. The process to complete the Vietnam evisa application form often takes a few minutes, but any carelessness may result in refusal of the visa issuance, leading to not only a waste of money but also lost entire trip to Vietnam.

In this article, as an expert working on the Vietnam evisa aspect for several years up to now, we will share with you 7 common mistakes made by thousands of applicants who then contacted us for solutions.

Now, let’s take a tour of 7 common mistakes with the Vietnam Evisa application.

7 common mistakes with Vietnam evisa application

1. Vietnam evisa common mistakes

1.1. Unqualified passport photo and portrait

This is the most common mistake that makes your Vietnam e-visa application stuck in the government system for too long.

Before applying for an e-visa, the applicants should prepare a passport photo and a recently taken portrait. In addition to being clear enough, having a size of less than 2MB, stored in JPG or PNG format:

  • The portrait must be of good quality, taken within recent 6 months, in plain background, has no glasses, no tank top, facing toward the camera. Especially, you cannot crop the image from your passport page as it will not be accepted.
  • The passport bio page photo of must be good quality, full page shown including the full ICAO LINES

After preparing the qualified photos, when uploading them to the application form, please make sure to upload the portrait to the first field and the passport data page photo to the second field. For some special reasons, the applicants upload both portraits or both passport photos, resulting in changing the photos, and prolonged approval process.

Tip: Prepare the unqualified photos and upload them to the right fields as guided.

1.2. Providing incorrect personal information

Filling incorrect personal detail(s) is one of the common mistakes people make when applying for a Vietnam e-Visa.

To our experiences, applicants tend to make mistake(s) in:

  • Names: While the instructions for filling out an e-visa application form at Vietnam Immigration portal website https://E-visa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/en_US/web/guest/khai-thi-thuc-dien-tu/cap-thi-thuc-dien-tu can be confusing and open to interpretation. It is crucial to ensure that the spelling and spacing of your full name match the ICAO line exactly.

And you must write your complete full name. Many people just write down their names incompletely and this causes delays in processing Vietnam e-visa. Even if your Vietnam e-visa application is granted, you will be declined to check in the flights or cross the borders to enter Vietnam.

  • Date of birth: the correct format is DD/MM/YYYY, not mm/dd/yyyy format as their habit of writing.
  • Passport number: the whole passport number appears on the passport should be shown
  • Expiry passport date: it requires the exact date to be shown.

Once again, all passport details need to be exact letter by letter, number by number in order to guarantee your entrance into Vietnam.

1.3. Visa validity misunderstanding

A common misunderstanding of Vietnam e-visa is effective on their date of arrrival and their visa validity will be calculated then. As a result, they come to Vietnam when the-visa is coming closer to expiry date, which shortens their stay and may require-visa extension to have more time in the country.

The fact is e-visa commences from the arrival date you wrote in application form. Although you can’t come to Vietnam before that date but on or after the provided arrival date, you should not delay entry for too long. Otherwise, 30 days of validity passes by without arrival. Thus, a clear plan and flight schedule to Vietnam are worth full attention.

1.4. Applying when you are in Vietnam

Please be noted that the eVisa can be applied when you are not in Vietnam. Many travelers submitted their evisa application when they are in Vietnam for a wish to do the same-day visa run for a new stay in Vietnam. Their application will be refused.

Tip: Make sure you submit your application when you are outside Vietnam. In case you don’t want a several-day visa run, you can use our Emergency Vietnam evisa to get the evisa issued within a short period of time for you to come back to Vietnam as soon as possible.

► Check out our Emergency Vietnam evisa.

1.5. Skip applying visa for accompanying children

When applying for an e-visa you can see the item: “Under 14 years old accompanying child(ren) included in your passport (if any)”. Please note that the item will be used if your children’s name is included in your passport only. In case your children have their own passports, they must have a separate visa like the adults. Some parents don’t know about this so they apply for their visa, add the children’s name on the same visa application even the children have their own passport.

Finally, when the visa is issued, the name of children is listed on the parent’s visa but actually they don’t appear on parent passports. That means your children have no visa and they can not get on the plane.

Tips: Remember to apply for a visa for children if they have their own passport.

1.6. Online status tracking

Applicants may think that the result will be automatically sent to provided email since the process is online. Or they’re just not aware of the status check function on the website. After 3 working days, you must actively go to the website of the Vietnam Immigration Department to manually check if your application is approved. The outcome is tracked by registration code, email and date of birth. No email of issued e-visa will be sent out to applicants due to a large number of dossiers a day.

1.7. No double check information in e-visa

Those above mistakes sometimes can happen, which leads to Vietnam e-visa wrong information. However, if you can identify those when downloading e-visa, you still have time to apply for a new one and change flight as soon as possible. It will cost less than being denied at the airport on departure day and result in less negative sequences.

It is not frequent but the errors in e-visa could be made by the Vietnam Immigration Department. You should verify all details when the-visa is received and contact the Department if you find out any so that they can tackle beforehand.

2. How to avoid common mistakes with Vietnam evisa

There are two main ways to minimize errors with your Vietnam visa application: being careful when completing the form and using a reliable Vietnam visa service.

2.1. Be careful when completing the evisa form

a. Double-check your personal information: Take extra care when entering your name, passport details, and other personal information. Even minor mistakes can lead to issues with your eVisa application.

b. Provide accurate travel details: Ensure that you provide accurate information regarding your travel plans, such as the purpose of your visit, intended date of entry and exit, and the port of arrival in Vietnam. Any discrepancies may result in delays or rejection of your application.

c. Pay attention to passport validity: Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your intended date of entry into Vietnam. If your passport is close to expiry, consider renewing it before applying for the eVisa.

d. Check photo requirements: Follow the specified guidelines for the passport photo, such as size, resolution, and background color. Failure to comply with the photo requirements can lead to rejection of your application.

e. Review your application: Before submitting your eVisa application, carefully review all the information you have provided to ensure its accuracy. It’s better to spend a few extra minutes double-checking than to face complications later.

2.2 Use a Vietnam-visa service

When using evisa service provided by Vietnam-visa.com, you are guaranteed to:

  • Have your all details checked, including full name, date of birth, gender, passport number, passport expiry date, nationality, etc.
  • Get advised on the visa validity and visa type to be applied for
  • Get clarified for any doubts or questions about the eVisa application process
  • Stay updated on the status of your eVisa application
  • Get assisted immediately in case of any issues arise

Why not Vietnam-visa service for a hassle-free Vietnam evisa application process.

Should you need any further assistance even when you made any mistake on evisa application, please email us to [email protected] or hotline/Whatsapp +84.946.583.583. We are happy to assist you at our best.


Wrong port of entry Vetnam visa

Q: I completed my Vietnam evisa application form with Noi Bai airport as my entry port. But I changed the plan to Tan Son Nhat Airpot. Does it matter?
A: No. The current Vietnam evisa format does not state the port of entry, so it does not matter if you change it eventually.

Wrong name on Vietnam evisa

Q: I missed out my middle name on my Vietnam evisa application and it was still approved and I’ve got my Vietnam evisa issued already. What should I do now?
A. In this case you should apply for a new Vietnam evisa. You also contact us to see whether we can help.

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