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Is Vietnam safe for US citizens?

Last update: Apr 20, 2021

The United States of America has always put security at the top of its agenda to advise citizens on travel, and luckily according to a recent report, Vietnam is one of the countries which have the highest levels of security and safety in the world.

Is Vietnam safe for US citizens?

In the warning system for foreign tourists to US citizens, the State Department said Vietnam is one of the countries with the lowest level of security risks in the world. This is the latest warning system released by the State Department to advise US citizens on choosing the tourist destination.

In the foreign travel warning system, the US State Department ranks the nations of the world in four groups in increasing order of magnitude of security and safety risks for US citizens. Accordingly, group 1, including Vietnam – includes the countries where US citizens only need to pay attention at a normal level; Group 2, according to the State Department, is the collection of countries which need to be on the alert; Group 3 comprises the nations US tourists consider whether to travel or not and Group 4 consists of the countries US citizens should not travel.

Thus, the US State Department classifies Vietnam into Group 1 with the lowest level of safety and security risk. The main threats in Vietnam, as recommended by the Department of State to US citizens on travel, include non-health crimes such as thefts, pickpockets and traffic accidents.

Hanoi street Vietnam visa

Security and safety are one of the important factors for Vietnam to become an increasingly attractive destination for international visitors. Therefore, if you are still wondering about the question: “Is Vietnam safe for US citizens?”, the answer is “Yes” of course.

According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Vietnam ranked sixth among the 10 fastest growing tourist destinations in the world in 2017, leading Asia in terms of speed of tourism development. Last year, Vietnam welcomed 13 million international visitors, a 28% increase compared to 2016.

What are the attractions for US citizens?

The availability of natural conditions combined with human factors is a prerequisite for Vietnam to develop a wide range of tourism types. This is the most important point to attract international tourists including American tourists because they can experience many types of tourism in Vietnam including Cultural travel, Leisure Travel, Adventure Travel, and Spiritual Travel.

American tourists especially like the cultural travel by visiting and combining the cultural diversity in Vietnam, of which the most popular tourist destinations are Hanoi with its thousand-year history, Hoi An ancient town, craft villages, festivals and culinary art.

Leisure travel is also a popular choice for many Americans when coming to Vietnam. With more than 3200km of coastline including many beautiful islands and beaches from north to south, Vietnam has many ideal areas to develop leisure travel and to attract millions of international tourists annually. Particularly it will be miss when not mentioning Halong Bay which is voted by UNESCO as one of the natural wonders of the New World. Along with that, it is considered by many newspapers such as Forbes, CN Traveler, Telegraph, and Travel & Leisure as an experience not to be missed in life.

Adventure Travel is a new type of tourism development in Vietnam but it is especially attractive to foreign visitors. The Son Doong caves in Vietnam have been named “the world’s largest cave” by many of the world’s major newspapers such as Telegraph, National Geographic, Time Magazine, and International Business Times website. Traveling to Son Doong is a very attractive tour for foreigners, especially those who love adventure and love to explore.

Son Doong cave Vietnam visa

After finding the answer to the big question: Is Vietnam safe for US citizens? the next step to make a trip to Vietnam is to prepare Vietnam visa for US citizens.

Nowadays, it is not too difficult to get Vietnam visa for US citizens, especially with the service of Vietnam visa on arrival or VOA which is a new way allowing tourists and businessmen to apply for Vietnam visa in the most convenient way as the process of applying for it is quite easy. First of all, the applicant provides some necessary information via an online application form, pays for service fee online and receives an approval letter via e-mail normally after 2 working days. When making entry procedures at Vietnam airport, the applicant submits this letter and the valid passport to the immigration officers and pays the stamping fee for full visa stamped on the original passport.

Hope the article can somehow answer the concerns of most US passport holders. Welcome to Vietnam!

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