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We take great pride in providing excellent services that has been receiving positive feedback from many customers.We also welcome any (constructive) comments from you to further improve the quality of our services.
  • Thanks for making our Vietnam holiday fantastic


    I just wanted to thank you and the Vietnam Visa Team. I was expecting to use your visa services but also took advantage of the additional services you offered in finding a hotel. I was unsure of where to stay since I was flying into the Tan Son Nhat airport and my daughter was arriving by ship at the port. I trusted your guidance to help us find a good hotel in our price range and was exceedingly pleased by your recommendation. Perfect area, close to the things we wanted to see and very clean hotel. Your service made our stay in Vietnam the best vacation ever.

    Paul Galasso and his daughter Rachel.

    by Paul Galasso us

  • Sharing Personal Details

    The response time was very good but I am very concerned that the Approval letter contains 5 other peoples confidentail details and these people would have also received mine. Approval letters back to your customers should only include their details. Sharing peoples confidentail details is a huge security risk and not approved by applicants. The response I got was this was 'standard process'. This needs urgent resolution.

    (Feb 18, 2014) by Susan Louise Hubbard nz

  • Thanks again for providing such a reliable and helpful service.

    Dear Linda. We cannot fault your service. The instructions were clear, and the few questions we had before we traveled were answered quickly, courteously and efficiently.

    After our long and tiring flights from Istanbul it was a great relief to be met on our arrival at HCMC by your representative and be able to hand over everything to him to sort out for us. Having read that getting a visa could take an hour or more at HCMC we were delighted that your rep came back with our visas in only 15-20 minutes, so that we could quickly get to our hotel and sleep!

    Thanks again for providing such a reliable and helpful service.

    David and Hazel Hobbs.

    by David Hobbs gb

  • Outstanding service

    I am SO impressed with the service I have received from Susan and the team. I would highly recommend this company to others.

    Emails are answered very promptly and reassurance given on any questions asked. A truly first class service .

    (Jan 19, 2014) by Lynn Elizabeth Ward

  • Unbelievably Good Service

    Just arranged a couple of online visas. The very easy process was made even easier using the on-line chat process. Being able to arrange fast tracking at the airport end and a pick-up for our hotel on the same web site made life very simple indeed. Thanks to Susan for her fantastic support.

    (Jan 14, 2014) by David Peter Muggleton nz

  • Excellent compared to 4 year ago thanks for the improvement.Pierre..Sweden

    (Jan 13, 2014) by Pierre Borge Obeg se

  • ..they really work good, well organized, fast to answer for assistance: definitely go for it..

    (Dec 31, 2013) by martino monopoli it

  • Excellent Service

    I had applied for my visa through this website and after reviewing information via the AU embassy. It made me hesitant and nervous about my travel to Vn. After speaking with Susan Nguyen, she cleared up a lot of my hesitations and eased my mind. Excellent service.

    (Dec 23, 2013) by Jarrad Boswell au

  • Returning Customer

    I travel to Vietnam once or twice annually and always do visa on arrival. I've used for several years now and always found their visa service to be exactly as advertised. They do a great job and charge a fair price. I also appreciate being able to check on the status of my request and pay by credit card here on the web site. Good job!

    (Nov 27, 2013) by Keith A Teague us

  • Superbly efficient service

    I find your website on Vietnam visa service absolutely super and clear. The information given by your staff is very prompt, correct and accurate. Many thanks

    (Nov 06, 2013) by Simhony Abraham Z. th

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