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5 job trends in Vietnam for foreigners

Last update: Apr 20, 2021

Vietnam with many international activities is increasingly contributing to the modernization of the country, creating a diverse and profitable economy with many job opportunities which are open not only to local people but also to foreigners. From a survey with thousands of foreigners who have been working in Vietnam, we have identified up to 4 reasons to head to Vietnam for a permanent job here.

Don’t think that you only can find a job major city of Vietnam, like Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi which are considered the political and economic centers of the country, the job opportunities are present in almost cities and provinces along the country, in almost industries operated in Vietnam, but those who have experience finding jobs in Vietnam will find they are much present in tourism and education.

If you are intending to live permanently in Vietnam and find a job to earn your living, or at least wish to find a long-term job in Vietnam, let’s figure out 5 job trends preferred and applied by thousands of foreigners wishing to have a permanent job in this S-shaped country.

1. Become an English teacher in Vietnam with a desirable salary

 Teaching English in Vietnam can be an exciting opportunity. Vietnam is currently seeking to acquire the English language license in the form of a National Foreign Language Project. The goal of the program is to improve English proficiency for all students by 2020. Therefore, it is easy for you to find a job in a high-paying position.

Not only are job-coaches popular in public schools, but there are also many kindergartens, foreign language centers, international schools, and private schools. Based on the number of jobs in many locations, Vietnam employs a system of employment throughout the year, making the tourists easy to find a job teaching English in the country.

It’s not just looking for work through a quick recruiting process but a lot of interesting things in this country. Vietnam is a real paradise. Walking through the fresh fruit groves in Ho Chi Minh City, have some clothes in Hoi An, and enjoying fresh seafood and draft beers in countless beautiful coastal towns like a picture with year-round sunshine, the friendly people, the abundant nature, and the busy nightlife.

► In case you are interested in this kind of job in Vietnam, you must read How to find a Teaching English Job in Vietnam as a foreigner.

2. Working as online freelancer in Vietnam

Tourists who have the skills, knowledge of web design, graphics, programming or any special technology suitable for this job can work anywhere, as long as having free wifi. Although the competition in this area is quite fierce, if you have a solid foundation, you can still choose the appropriate project to make money while traveling.

There are countless ways to work as long as you are connected to the internet. In case you are not good at technology, you can still make money by working online. At present, there are many companies that need translation and writing in the form of collaborators. This job does not require you to be present at the company and is extremely comfortable on time. All you have to do is writing skill and relationships to increase your project’s reach.

3. Working in short-term at the restaurants and hotels in Vietnam

You can earn money while traveling by working at restaurants, hotels in the seasonal or long term. The work in the restaurant and the hotel is quite diverse, from the receptionist, chef, driver, to the shuttle staff at the airport.

Serving as tables, bartenders, and freelancers at a restaurant, hotel or resort can really help you get more income and communicate with many people. This job is paid well enough to cover your day. Especially, you can choose the night shift, which will be paid a little better. Besides, you can work voluntarily in some restaurants and hotels. Although being unpaid, the accommodation and meals are free. This is not a bad choice, right? The money earned may be less or nothing, but at least you will save the cost for meal and place to stay.

4. Being tour guides or staff in the tourism industry in Vietnam

This group may include supportive work such as onboard staff, standing and seating arrangements; guided tours of scuba diving or snorkeling, or tour guides. Tour guides are very suitable for active young people.

Working in the travel industry has two small disadvantages: Being reluctant to move, visit as you like and staying in the workplace for a certain period of time. But with a good salary as well as the opportunity of exchanging and learning from many people, this work is also not a bad choice for you to make money when traveling. Even if you have enough skills and abilities, consider opening a small tour of a surfing location, a ski trip, traditional markets, craft villages or meals, drinks at restaurants. Many young people in the world are doing at the high-quality bars.

You can find out about the local travel companies you are traveling to and contact them about the position you want to apply.

5. Writing a review of the tourist sites

This is one of the “hot” job attracting young people who want to make money when traveling. There are many travel companies, and the new hotel will organize a press trip for some famous travel bloggers. After that, these people will write some quality articles, share these articles with video clips, and photos to the community to promote the company or the hotel. As in the case of the famous travel couple, Jarryd Salam and Alesha Bradford, when they have a private blog, many companies will have to pay up to $2,000 if they want to post on their NOMADassaurus page.

Feeling about your interesting trip is also a “very gentle” way of making money, especially suitable for people who enjoy photography, film-making and writing.

Travel bloggers are also a trend. Travel companies often contact famous travel bloggers to become a “communication channel” for them by sharing their travel experiences, and still getting paid. You can write articles or make videos, depending on the capabilities and requirements of the company. Remember, you need to build your own personal brand to do this job.

In addition to the above-mentioned tasks, you may also consider seasonal, simple, though not highly paid, but also an enjoyable experience, such as seasonal fruit picking, organizing the festival, becoming street artists, and looking after kids. Surely, if you have enough passion, do not be afraid to go out and get rich.

However, it should be noted that maybe it will not be as easy as you think. The work may sound simple, but it requires certain skills and knowledge to be able to perform, such as foreign language ability, programming, design, work experience and working time commitment. Another point worth noting is that the outside world is very competitive and fair. You need to prove yourself competent and do the job; If not, nobody will dare to hire you. No one is willing to pay you thousands of dollars to do the easy job. There is no simple task at all and you always have to make the most effort in all matters.

Here come 5 job opportunities which are open to all foreigners in Vietnam. You may now wonder how to find and apply for these opportunities. If so, refer to this tip: How to find a Job in Vietnam as a foreigner.

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