Vietnam Embassy in Botswana

Last update: Jul 16, 2019

There is no Vietnam embassy in Botswana up to now.

Here is the list of Botswana’s nearby countries with embassy of Vietnam:

Nearby Vietnam embassy Estimated distance
Vietnam embassy in South Africa 932 km, 1 hours 46 minutes flight
Vietnam embassy in Mozambique 1201 km, 2 hours 17 minutes flight
Vietnam embassy in Angola 1434 km, 2 hours 17 minutes flight
Vietnam embassy in Tanzania 2086 km, 3 hours 14 minutes flight

If you want to request for legalization or verification of Vietnamese citizenship, etc., you can contact Vietnam embassy in the nearest country for more details.

If you want to request a Vietnam visa, you may consider the two following ways:

  • Apply for a visa to Vietnam at Vietnamese embassy in the nearest country;
  • Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival (highly recommended for those traveling to Vietnam by air from Botswana or any country as it requires no contact with the embassy of Vietnam). See how it works.

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