South East Asia Fun Facts

Last update: Apr 20, 2021

The region of South East Asia is surrounded by the areas of China to the north, the subcontinent of India to the west and the rest is bounded by the waters of the Pacific Ocean.  This large area encompasses 10 countries which include in no particular order Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and the Philippines.

The actual term of South East Asia became popularized during World War II.  Before this, it was called by many names such as the East Indies, the Indochina region and even the Malay Peninsula.

Here are some interesting facts:

After Brazil, the country of Vietnam is the largest exporter of coffee.

Vietnam coffee - Vietnam visa

The temple of Angkor Wat of Cambodia is the largest known temple on earth.

Laos Sunset at Wat That Chomsi

Vietnam stretches close to 1700 km from north to south, and at the narrowest area (chokepoint) located near the center of the country; it is only 50 km wide.

Halong bay - Vietnam - Visa

The country of Indonesia has over 15,000 small to large islands.

Island of Indonesia - Vietnam visa

The population of South East Asia as a whole is close to 600 million people, where a fifth is living on the island of Java (Indonesia).

The Island of Java - Indonesia - Vietnam visa

The country of Brunei has the most vehicle ownership in all of Southeast Asia.

Brunei travel - Vietnam visa

The National sport of Laos is Kator.

Malaysia has a plant species that grows the world’s largest leaves which can measure up to 3 x 2 m long.

Trees with world's largest leaves in Malaysia - Vietnam visa

The most popular drink in Myanmar is actually tea (both black and green).

tea farming in Myanmar

In the Philippines the official languages are both Filipino and English.

In Thailand, Buddhist is the national religion where the country has over 30,000 temples.

Thai temples - Vietnam visa

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