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5 things French should know before visiting Vietnam

Last update: Apr 20, 2021

If you are a citizen of France having an upcoming journey to Vietnam, a little preparation before visiting this outrageously exciting country is certain to go a long way. Vietnam is a fascinating destination for your ideal holiday; however, it has plenty of its own little quirks, such as the way of crossing the street, visiting the less seen sights, and street food that can be helpful to know before you go. Then below are some tips beforehand to face with the difficulties you may have when travelling to Vietnam.

  1. The way to apply Vietnam visa in France

One of the first things to do before your trip is to apply for a Vietnam Visa. Many travelers aren’t aware that it is possible to apply for the Vietnam Visa on arrival in France, which is approved for those who traveling by air. Also, there is another way for applying visa through Vietnam consulate in Paris and Vietnam embassy in France, in which travelers will obtain Vietnam visa in person at Vietnam embassy, with the processing time for 1 visa is normally 4 – 5 working days. You can take their address & contacts at: https://www.vietnam-visa.com/embassy/france/

  1. Vietnamese cuisine

The Vietnamese food is delicious with many of the cities having an incredible street food scene with roadside stalls that can get your taste buds tingling. Take this chance and try it all. A few of the Must- to- eat dishes for the first time in Vietnam cannot be except for Pho and Bánh mì. The tip for you is to look for those that seem to attract the regular or local customers. Additionally, remember to drink lots of water when going sightseeing, especially if touring in the hottest months of the year!



Delicious “Banh xeo” cake

  1. The local people

If you have ever heard that the Vietnamese people are very friendly and welcoming, then just believe it and get your own experience with them. Plus, you really need to learn the basics of Vietnam etiquette before you start to interact with the local people. One thing that many people cannot forget to do is to learn the basics of a country’s language using a Vietnam travel guide, which is likely to be appreciated by the locals.

  1. Beware of the traffic



Vietnam streets

There is an unsurprising fact that the traffic in Vietnam is quite crazy, but there is no way of avoid traveling into the line of traffic here. In certain major cities like Ho Chi Minh City traffic can be particularly bad, so bear in mind to wait and cross with some locals that know what they are doing. It can be useful to hold out your arm to alert the motorcyclists that you are actually planning to cross the road.  Also, do not drive a motorbike when you are not confident about your ability to control!

  1. Enjoy your time

Choosing Vietnam which is a beautiful country to explore is really a smart choice as this is one of the finest destinations to experience in Southeast Asia. Our wonderful nation is somewhere where you can easily fall head over heels with. Just take the more relaxed sightseeing experience and learn about the pace of life, culture and welcoming locals. You will have a never – before trip of your lifetime!

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