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Vietnam visa for cruise ship passengers – Requirements and how to apply

Last update: Mar 15, 2024

All the things you need to know about Vietnam visa for cruise ship passengers, from whether you need a visa for Vietnam if on a cruise, to how to get it, how much it costs and its processing time.

As reported by the General Statistics of Vietnam, the number of cruise ship passengers to Vietnam in the first 11 months of 2023 reached 87.9 million. And this number will increase over time.

You will soon be one of them and wonder how to get a visa for Vietnam. Follow this article as it is prepared to provide a comprehensive guide on Vietnam visa regulations specifically tailored to cruise ship passengers.

Vietnam visa for cruise ship passengers
Vietnam visa for cruise ship passengers – All you need to know

1. Do I need a visa for Vietnam if on a cruise?

Yes, or No, depending on your nationality and where you embark in Vietnam.

Let’s check about the Vietnam visa requirements for cruise ship passengers as follows:

  • Vietnam visa will not be REQUIRED for cruise ship passengers holding passports of countries having Vietnam visa exemption agreements with Vietnam within the agreed exemption duration.

► You can check Vietnam visa exemption list.

  • Vietnam visa will not be REQUIRED for those directly entering Phu Quoc port from a foreign country and then leave Phu Quoc for another country, not another destination in Vietnam.

► Check Phu Quoc Vietnam Visa exemption

2. How to apply for Vietnam visa for cruise ship passengers

Unless your cruise line will arrange the visa for you, the easiest way to get a Vietnam visa for cruise entry is Vietnam evisa.

This type of visa can be applied directly at the official website https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/trang-chu-ttdt or directly on our website https://apply.vietnam-visa.com/.

Advantages when applying for Vietnam evisa with Vietnam-visa.com:

  • You will have our visa expert:
    • advise the most suitable visa option
    • check information and photo against the government requirements before submitting
    • track the eVisa status
    • deliver the eVisa via email on time as guaranteed
  • You can also request us to expediate the eVisa processing if required
  • We support group application, and
  • We guarantee eVisa processing time and transparent cost with no hidden charge.

3. Vietnam Cruise Ports that accept eVisa

Here is the list of 12 Vietnam seaports that accept Vietnam evisa for cruise passengers:

  1. Hon Gai Seaport (Quang Ninh)
  2. Cam Pha Seaport (Quang Ninh)
  3. Hai Phong Seaport (Hai Phong)
  4. Vung Ang Seaport (Ha Tinh)
  5. Chan May Seaport (Thua Thien Hue)
  6. Da Nang Seaport (Da Nang)
  7. Nha Trang Seaport (Khanh Hoa)
  8. Quy Nhon Seaport (Binh Dinh)
  9. Dung Quat Seaport (Quang Ngai)
  10. Vung Tau Seaport (Ba Ria-Vung Tau)
  11. Ho Chi Minh City Seaport (Ho Chi Minh City)
  12. Duong Dong Seaport (Kien Giang)

4. How long is a Vietnam evisa for cruise ship passengers good for?

Vietnam e-visas, including those for cruise passengers, are good for up to 90 days, single or multiple entries. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Visa Validity:
    • Validity of your Vietnam e-visa depends on your travel plans. It will cover the dates you provide in the application form. If you’re unsure about the exact dates, it’s recommended to choose a wider date range (up to 90 days) that includes your planned travel period.
  2. Single-Entry or Multiple-Entry Visa
    • Whether you need to apply for a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa will depend on your cruise itinerary:
      • Single-Entry Visa: If you plan to visit multiple destinations in Vietnam during a single immigration clearance procedure, a single-entry visa is suitable. This means you won’t leave Vietnam and return during your cruise.
      • Multiple-Entry Visa: If your cruise ship departs Vietnam for another country and then returns for another stop in Vietnam, you’ll need a multiple-entry visa. This allows you to enter Vietnam multiple times during your cruise visa.

We are sure that by understanding these differences, you can choose the appropriate visa type based on your cruise itinerary.

5. Visa processing time for cruise ship passengers

It normally takes more or less than 3 – 7 working days (Vietnam Time = GMT+7, excluding Saturday, Sunday, and Public holidays in Vietnam) for a Vietnam e-visa to be processed and issued.

This processing time can be prolonged in case you make certain mistakes when applying for Vietnam evisa, including:

  • Provide unqualified photos
  • Provide incorrect personal information

► Check 7 Vietnam evisa common mistakes

To avoid those mistakes and make sure your evisa is processed on time, our Vietnam evisa service is highly recommended.

7. Vietnam visa cost for cruise ship passengers

The Vietnam evisa cost for cruise passengers will depend on the way you apply for it as follows:

  • Apply for Vietnam evisa yourself at the official website:
    • 25 USD for a single-entry visa
    • 50 USD for a multiple-entry visa
  • Apply for Vietnam evisa with us via a hassle-free and time-guaranteed procedure:
Visa type Processing time Visa fee (USD/Pax)
1-2 pax 3-4 pax From 5 pax
30-day single entry 5-7 working days 48 47 46
4 working days 66 65 63
3 working days 71 70 69
2 working days 79 78 77
Whatsapp 24/7: +84.946.583.583
30-day multiple entry 5-7 working days 73 72 71
4 working days 91 90 88
3 working days 96 95 94
2 working days 105 104 103
Whatsapp 24/7: +84.946.583.583
90-day single entry 5-7 working days 50 49 48
4 working days 66 65 63
3 working days 71 70 69
2 working days 79 78 77
Whatsapp 24/7: +84.946.583.583
90-day multiple entry 5-7 working days 78 77 76
4 working days 96 95 93
3 working days 99 98 97
2 working days 105 104 103
Whatsapp 24/7: +84.946.583.583

► Need our support, apply for Vietnam evisa online here.

Disclaimers: This guide is for informational purposes only. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information published here is accurate, there are changes/errors that we are not aware of. We strongly advise you to contact the cruise operator for confirmation and procedures on how to apply for your visa to Vietnam for entering by cruise ship.

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