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If you want to find unique and amazing photos about life around you, then Fabionodariphoto.com is a great address for you. The website is founded by Fabio Nodari – professional photographer and travel blogger with important collaborations in the travel industry.

With photos well arranged in different categories ranging from animals, people, reportage and streets, and news telling about his trips, Fabionodariphoto.com will absolutely give you a deep insight into the given destinations.

Just list here a few among numerous photos taken by Fabio Nodari along his trips:

Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi - Vietnam visa
Sparkling Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi in his trip to Vietnam in 2016
Luoping Yunnan - by Fabio Nodari - Vietnam visa online
On his trip to Yunnan 2016
Sunset at Corong Corong beach, Palawan, Philippines
Sunset at Corong Corong beach, Palawan, Philippines

If you want to to use his pictures, feel free to contact him. Vietnam-visa.com takes a great honor to be a partner of Fabionodariphoto.com.