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Vietnam weather in September and where to go

Last update: Apr 20, 2021

September, the time of season transfer, is very suitable for the tourists to arrange a wonderful trip in Vietnam. Whether in the North West or in the West, September still brings unique memories in Vietnam.

Vietnam weather in September

September is the beginning of the autumn in Vietnam. The weather is quite pleasant and cool, suitable for tourism activities. There are not too many storms and rains in September, so traveling is very convenient.

No need to spend a large amount of money to go abroad or have a dream about beautiful landscapes. In Vietnam, there is also beautiful scenery for tourists to admire, especially when nature welcome the autumn, the most beautiful and attractive time on Earth.

Where to go in Vietnam in September

Lao Cai

September is the beginning of the rice season in the Northwest. One of the most beautiful rice sightings is Sapa, Lao Cai. At this time, the new crop is turned into yellow, but expected in mid-September to nine.

Ha Giang

You can choose to come here in September when the rice fields begin to be ripe. In particular, Hoang Su Phi is a favorite place for professional photographers. Rice terraces here were recognized as national heritage in 2012.


Hanoi among best destinations to visit in Vietnam - Vietnam Visa

Hanoi among best destinations to visit in Vietnam in September

The aroma of milky flower is the signal of Hanoi autumn. This is considered the most beautiful season of the year in Hanoi because the sun is less intense, cool and many other snacks are available to enjoy.

Lam Dong

This time begins the dry season in Da Lat, the ideal time to explore this beautiful plateau. Coming here in September, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the roses garden, near the Bao Dai Palace III. Besides the fresh fruit, you can also buy roses as gifts for friends and family.

Ninh Thuan

This sunny land has three seasons of grapes a year, but the most delicious and sweet grapes must be in September. From Phan Rang city to Vinh Hy, the two sides are vast grape fields. The dry weather and summer sunshine seems to be crystallized in the sweet taste of the grapes in September. Grapes here have two types are red and blue. In addition, to enjoy, visitors can participate in the harvest with the local people.

Dong Thap

September is the season of lotus in Dong Thap. One of the famous sightseeing spots is My Hoa Commune, Thap Muoi District, about 35 km from Cao Lanh City. In Dong Thap, there is Phuoc Kien Pagoda with the very large lotus leaf in this season.

An Giang

Another famous destination in the floating season is Tra Su Melaleuca forest. The fern covers the surface of the canal, slitting down like a green carpet. Underwater is the species of fish and shrimp, on the tree are many kinds of birds gathered together. The best time to visit here is early morning or sunset to see birds flying back to the nest.

Phu Quoc

From late September, early October to the end of March next year is the tourist season in Phu Quoc. This is the most beautiful time because Phu Quoc has just passed the rainy season and began to welcome the beautiful sunshine.

If you decide to choose Phu Quoc as a stopover, do not ignore some places such as Ham Ninh fishing village, Sao beach, Khem beach, Tranh stream, Da Ban stream, and Ganh Dau cap or Pearl culture area. At this time, Phu Quoc beach is quite calm. The blue sea combines with the sun to create a beautiful natural beauty.

Also, do not forget the exciting activities such as snorkeling, coral reef and nightlife and enjoy fresh seafood on the island.

Do I need Vietnam visa?

Vietnam visa is compulsory to travel to Vietnam for almost travelers to Vietnam except for those included in this list of Vietnam visa exemption. Usually, there are 3 common ways to apply for a Vietnam visa.

  • Apply at the embassy: This method takes a lot of time and you may be denied.
  • Apply for e-visa: This way is only applied to the citizens of some countries and the duration of visa is also quite short.
  • Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival: This method is highly recommended because it helps you save a lot of time and effort.  You can find out Vietnam visa policy to know how to get a visa in details.

We wish you have a nice trip in Vietnam!

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