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10 things Filipinos should know before travelling to Vietnam

Last update: Apr 20, 2021

Vietnam is apparently one of the best destinations for foreign tourists that provided a wonderful experience when coming to this nation. This amazing country is a good choice for Filipinos who intend to discover the beauty of nature and diversified culture. Thus there are many things to prepare before a trip to Vietnam, and below are the most significant tips that you should consider for your preparation.

 Vietnam Weather 

In general, Vietnam is typically hot and humid. The weather can vary among different regions based on the geographical position. 

  • Mountainous – high area of the North: this area is divided into two seasons; the dry season runs from October to March while wet season runs from April to September. It can get very cold and frosty in the dry season.
  • Northern Vietnam: has four seasons, but it has an enormous difference between winter and summer. It is hot wet in the summer and the degree could be up to 38°C. The winter is cold and dry, and it is pretty cold, the lowest degree is 5°C.
  • Central Vietnam: this part has hot and dry weather from January to late August, the temperature often reaches approximately 30°C. From October to November, the rainfall turns to strong and the typhoons could appear at this time.
  • Southern Vietnam: Typically, the South’s climate is hot throughout the year and divides into two seasons; dry and wet. The dry season begins in November until lately April and being hot and humid. From May to early November is the wet season and rainfall appears heavy yet short lasting.
  1. Apply Vietnam Visa for Filipino in case you stay longer than 15 days

As Philippines is in Vietnam Visa Exemption list, Filipino as you can stay in Vietnam for 15 days without Vietnam visa. If you are exceeding 15 days here, it’s necessary to apply for a Vietnam tourist visa for Filipino and make sure that you start this process a couple of weeks. The very common type of visa application we want to suggest is the visa on arrival which is applied for those who travel by air. This convenient way of getting visa is done quite simply, as you just have to complete the Vietnam Visa Application. After 2 working days, you will get visa approval letter delivered to email together with a detailed guide to pick up full visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

  1. Travel Agents are your friends

Before going on your excursion, don’t worry about booking everything before you arrive. Every town that is worth visiting as Hanoi, Sapa, Hoi An has a travel agency around every corner. Using these travel offices is an extremely convenient way to plan additional elements for your trip. For wonderful Vietnam tours with attractive pricing, kindly take a look at https://cityinsight.vn/

  1. Money used and exchange money 

It is inevitably that you have to prepare US Dollars as well as Vietnamese Dong when travelling to Vietnam. When booking a tour, paying for local transportation or paying for hotels, US dollars are most popularly used in those circumstances. You also need some Vietnamese Dong to deal with domestic suppliers as shops, traditional markets, restaurants, bars, or some small food stalls. Vietnamese Dong is usually cheaper than using US Dollars in any case.


1 USD is around 22.000 VNĐ

In Vietnam’s airport, you can easily exchange your currency with a good rate at the money exchange booths. Besides, changing money at banks is another options. 

However, exchanging foreign currencies at Vietnam banks could be more formal procedures, for example, you have to show passport and fill in the forms then wait in the line and you’ll be charged at a commission rate

Gold shops/jewellery stores are considered a convenient option, those stores are straightforward for exchanging currency. You will not be required to fill out any forms and show your passport. Moreover, the rates would be surprisingly fair, it means you could change your own currency at a good rate without any fee and commission rate. However, exchanging money at gold shop is illegal.

  1. Book accommodation for your first night

When Filipinos come to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, they can be immediately surprised by a culture shock, especially for those who haven’t take a tour to Asia before. Don’t be surprised that the streets are hassle, the scooters are somehow mad and it is difficult to find a nice deal of tourist information that will guide you through the trip. Thus, you should be recommended booking a couple of nights first, thus you will know your final destination and can just get on the taxis/ buses to your accommodation after finishing all the things at the airport!

  1. Get ready to bargain

Bartering is a very popular culture aspect in Vietnam, especially when it is related to foreign tourists. It’s time to practice your negotiation skills in markets, small shops, food stalls and even massage or beauty salons. Don’t hesitate to ask for a “lower price” or just let them know the amount you are willing to pay. In case you have to walk out of the shop without winning the negotiated price, you may propose it too low compared to the price they offered. If you want to stay safe by the fixed price, just go to the restaurants and bars to have fun without worrying about the bargain!

  1. Taxi Knowhow and avoiding taxi scam

It is convenient that there are trustworthy taxi companies in all big cities, all of which are extremely cheap and often use a good meter system with fixed price. However, be aware of many taxi drivers who park up in most main tourist points trying to offer you a ride as they had changed the meter to go up so insanely fast. It was only a small fraud but it’s not worth the danger. As a rule of avoiding cheating, remember to always try to call an official city taxi as you don’t have to wait for a long time!

Regarding metered taxi, you should use some reputable and popular taxi brands such as Mai Linh, Taxi Group, Vinasun. Before entering any taxi you need to check the ID badge display and driver’s license are available or not, especially make sure that taximeter must be turned on. Ensure you know where are going or using a street map like Google map is useful to avoid driver may take a long trip and roundabout route to your destination. 

Grab is a ride-sharing app and similar to Uber, download and use it for your trip in Vietnam is a good idea to avoid scam. 

  1. Take the fantastic sleeper buses

If you have a limited budget vacation and just want to go through many cities, the sleeper buses might not be a bad option. It’s a quite good choice as sleeper buses are very tidy and have a restroom on board. It’s might not be the perfect night’s sleep you’ll ever been, but it saves you spending much money for accommodation in one night and make sure that you don’t lose much time in transit. A convenient way is to book the buses from local travel office/agent around the city and just spend 1 day waiting for notice!

vietnam-night-bus (1)

Sleeping Bus in Vietnam is a budget-friendly & effective transportation means for tourists

  1. Clothes style

When traveling to Vietnam, just pack your suitcase with shorts/skirts together with T-shirts which will be your daily main style. The only thing you need to keep in mind is what to wear if you visit any pagoda/ temple that required reserved dressing. For girls, you should wear something that can cover your shoulders with better long trousers. It is well applied on buses and planes in case the air conditioning gets icy cold so that you don’t have to suffer from sickness!

  1. Wi-Fi is everywhere

Always staying connected to the internet during the trip is what all tourists wish on their holiday. In most cities, the Wi-Fi is excellent in every coffee shops, food courts, restaurants, and hotels for free. You can even find your phone connected to the free Wi-Fi in most small and medium hostels.

  1. Hostels and Hotels

 Don’t be put off by the term ‘hostel’. Almost hostels here are bright, warm and friendly, especially well located in main route and surprisingly low- cost. Most of them provide you with private rooms with air conditioner in a fully- furnished condition, and also offer shared ones for an even cheaper price!

Now, are you ready for the interesting upcoming journey to the fantastic country? With all tips above, be confident to start your holiday in a dreamed destination!

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