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How to Find a Job in Vietnam as a Foreigner

Last update: Apr 20, 2021

In recent years, more and more foreigners have been working in Vietnam and the demand for hiring foreign labors from Vietnamese companies and organizations has increased. Some know by many may not know that among several jobs in Vietnam for foreigners, there are 5 job trends as described here: https://www.vietnam-visa.com/5-job-trends-in-vietnam-for-foreigners/.

However, it is not easy to find a job (whether a part-time or full-time job) in a place where there is not much relationship. The following article will show you how to find a job in Vietnam as a foreigner.

But first of all, we would like to draw your attention to How to get Vietnam visa for looking for a job in Vietnam

How to get Vietnam visa for looking for a job in Vietnam

How to get Vietnam visa for looking for job in Vietnam

How to get Vietnam visa for looking for job in Vietnam

You can come to Vietnam to look for a job on a tourist visa or business visa. And then, when you find a job and you will get a work permit in Vietnam with sponsor by your employer. However, there is a big difference here you should be aware of.

The easiest way to apply for a tourist or business visa to Vietnam is to apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival via a visa center in Vietnam. The entire process of this application can be found at How Vietnam visa on arrival works.

This way of application is preferred by a lot of tourists and business travelers to Vietnam for its:

  1. No submission of documents;
  2. Simple required information;
  3. Application done online.

Job opportunities in Vietnam

  • The emergence of more international trade in the city has provided more jobs in Vietnam. Young generations are good at English, but the schools still welcome foreign teachers as a point to well promote the reputation of the school.
  • The specialized jobs for foreigners in the big cities as well as in other provinces are very few because speaking Vietnamese is essential here, in the field of specialization is not common for foreigners in this country.
  • With a clear choice in English language teaching and a wide range of volunteer options for international organizations in Vietnam. For foreigners and visitors simply who stay in the city for several months, teaching English in a few months is a sensible choice.
  • Volunteer opportunities include working with children with special needs, providing shelter to women or working for non-governmental organizations.
  • For different work permit costs for different nationalities, a foreign can move to Vietnam to work or volunteer for the organization. In addition, employers can pay for this license as part of their recruiting terms.

And now, ways to look for a job in Vietnam as a foreigner

1. Searching jobs on the recruiting websites

First of all, you can access social networking sites such as LinkedIn.com. This move may not bring you a job right away, but it will definitely help you build a network of potential friends for future jobs. You should be concerned about the “friends” who have a role in the industry you are looking for to get back their support.

Useful advice: If you are a freelancer, you can try to create accounts on freelance online sites such as Odesk.com or Elance.com. The work on these pages is mostly the translation and writing job.

List of top recruiting websites in Vietnam

The recruiting website is the destination of many employers as well as employees by its convenience, promptitude, and a wide range of approach.

If you are a foreigner looking for a job in Vietnam, surely just type in the job and the salary you want, the most suitable job will appear for you to choose easily, then just contact the recruiters or apply online, schedule an interview, if it is appropriate, you will be able to work immediately.

Here are the top prestigious recruitment websites in Vietnam today.


Vietnamworks.com is considered the most prestigious recruiting website today, with daily traffic reaching hundreds of thousands, even millions of viewers.

The number of employers joining this site is very large, suitable for experienced employees, especially with the recruitment of senior staff for large companies and groups with a salary of up to thousands of dollars.

In addition, new graduates are also more likely to find suitable jobs here because of the multidisciplinary workloads, qualifications, and wages that should be appropriate for many subjects.


Most of the jobs on this hiring website are high paid because it is a multinational website, requires a lot of work, level, and experience. So if you have the ability, this is definitely the ideal environment for finding a job.


With over 400,000 employers and more than 200,000 active members, do you think this is a good place to find a job?


As a website developed by DBIZ Group, 1001vieclam.com has just appeared on the market not long but also has 15,000 employers with over 200,000 different jobs.

This is a great place for both employers and employees to find the right partner.

Vieclam 24h

As the “descendant” of the 24h.com website, this recruiting website currently has the largest number of visitors as well as the number of jobs in Vietnam.

Every month, there are more than 25,000 jobs for employees, and hundreds of daily visitors, making the website become the most prestigious website today.


It’s not a new site, but it’s a job site for many different companies, with a large number of recruiters and job seekers to help you find the right job at careelink.vn.


This is also one of the most familiar and interactive sites with many visitors. In addition, the number of jobs, employers are extremely large.


You are good at IT skills, this is the ideal place for you to find your work because itviec.com is a recruiting site dedicated to IT field, with a very impressive operation “IT Jobs for Top People. Little but high-quality” so the work here is very well-paid as well as included many special requirements for workers.


The last name that we want to mention here is vieclam.tuoitre.vn, the brainchild of Tuoi Tre newspaper is also the partner of Careerbuilder.

You can find very good jobs here because most employers posted in vieeclam.tuoitre.vn are reputable companies who quality is very good.

2. Asking for help from family and friends to find a job in Vietnam as a foreigner

Relationships are always the most useful approach to employment, and employers always have a lot of sympathy for those who have a relationship with their colleagues in the company. This is also a cheap, simple and incredibly reliable way to find a job in Vietnam as a foreign. Try to befriend someone who has good relationships in the field you are aiming for.

Useful advice: You do not have to phone one for one. Just use every chat, meet to send the “signal” to the opposite person, let them know you are looking for work A, in field B. It is okay. Do not think that the people at home will not help you in your job search? Actually, sometimes your friend with a certain acquaintance in a remote place, like Vietnam where you are traveling, is looking for a babysitting, for example?

3. Looking at the local press for a job in Vietnam

Ignore the long list of available jobs. Just focus only on work within your local area only. Once you have read their information, you should contact them directly. You can even apply for positions they have not yet recruited!

Useful advice: Sometimes you do not have to go too far to find a job. Among the thousands of businesses out there, there will be several companies coming to the place you are staying to post the recruitment, especially for those that need professional expertise. Therefore, do not just look at the local newspaper, but also notice the recruitment information anywhere.

4. Working for a University in Vietnam

The university itself also has hundreds of extra jobs within the campus, including working at the school’s canteen, organizing events, or being a tour guide whenever there are potential candidates. These jobs are usually well paid, the workplace is close to home and you will also work in fixed hours so it is possible to be flexible in traveling and resting.

Useful advice: The universities often recruit part-time jobs very early, either before or at the beginning of the semester. If you are looking for a job in Vietnam as a foreign, head on to the school’s website or even directly to other related departments to take advantage of the opportunity.

5. Doing unpaid job

If you do not really need money, going to work for the companies you want to join in the future is a good way. During this time, you will learn the necessary skills, establish relationships and learn a lot in the professional work environment. If you do well, they will surely keep an eye on you when the company needs to recruit in the future.

6. Participating in job fairs

This is an opportunity for you to meet and chat with prospective employers. So, just join these fairs (usually free of charge) like this to consider and choose for potential employers. Talking to them will definitely help you understand the conditions needed for the position you need.

7. Creating your own job

In times of economic crisis, self-employment is also a smart choice. Of course, to be successful, this decision also depends on your ability and passion.

The founder of the “Save the Student” recognizes that it is also a result of the desire for self-mastery. Of course, creating a job for yourself is a great idea, full of adventure and completely capable of profit. More and more organizations and websites are making it easier for young people to start their career. You can try Smarta.com or Shell-LiveWire.com to find business tips and success stories from the pioneer.

If everything is not like what you want after a year, then you have learned a valuable experience anyway. Moreover, if you dare to commit yourself, then you will not regret it for not daring to try, is not it?

How did you find your job in Vietnam as a foreign? Share your tips with us! And if you find these tips useful, share with your friends. Good luck!

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