Chin State, Myanmar

Michael Pollock
December 2016

Our handcrafted wooden boat, not much bigger than a canoe, struggled against the current as we made our way up the Lemro River in western Myanmar. The vessel was essentially a smaller […]

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South East Asia Fun Facts

The region of South East Asia is surrounded by the areas of China to the north, the subcontinent of India to the west and the rest is bounded by the waters of the Pacific […]

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A Christmas note from Deals Hong Kong for group buy gift shopping

The holiday season is dawning upon us and there is a new way to find great gift ideas at a bargain.  The year 2016 has been kind to shoppers looking for all sorts of […]

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13 interesting facts about Ukraine

Ukraine is a very interesting country, but unfortunately few people know something about it. Shevchenko, Klitschko brothers, borscht, girls, Chernobyl, that’s all ordinary man will tell about Ukraine. But there are many interesting facts […]

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Jeju – The Jewel of Korea

Just mention Jeju to any Korean and it immediately evokes a cheerful response about what a beautiful place it is. This is due in part that it has been featured in many Korean serials, […]

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Visit the U.S. – It is easier than you think!

Travelling to the United States is an exciting adventure, part of the bucket lists of many international travelers. This is the country of diversity, of many colors, seasons and time zones. An exciting experience […]

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What kind of Italy traveler are you?

Are you passionate about art and cuisine? Or have a flair for design and fashion? Perhaps the legends and history are what you want to experience. Too boring for you – are you looking […]

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Ten amazing undiscovered destinations to discover now

Many lesser known, undiscovered destinations are located in Asia, India and the Middle East. Travel experts Wego, have put together a fascinating list of ten destinations sure to satisfy an adventurous heart. Check them out, before everyone else does!
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